The Fitness Workshop's story began with a search for the elements that would come together to make me thinner, stronger and more physically and mentally fit.

Susan Powter talked about stopping the madness. Dr. Atkins said leave those carbs alone. Richard Simmons wanted you to get off that couch and move something. In truth they all had something important to offer. They all helped to make a change, even if that change was only in the way we thought. If they made you think about health or fitness they served a purpose.  

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Spin, Pilates, Yoga, Resistance, Personal Training and Holistic Health Coaching. 

We can help you with it all. Healthy Food and Healthy Life.  Find out what we have to offer and see if we can help you become a better, healthier You. 

Located near the heart of Valley Stream. We are developed on the premise that you are more than a number. With that in mind our workouts are focused on the quality of the fitness instruction not the quantity of members on the floor. We take a holistic approach to life and exercise.